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After only one night, Frank finds himself falling hard for Zacky, and it seems like Zacky feels the same way, until Frank's friends jokingly convince him to take a pregnancy test... Governmental testing, news vans parked on his lawn, an apathetic boyfriend, and morning sickness seem to all become overwhelming and Frank only has one person he can turn to. But what happens when Mikey's older brother, Gerard, comes into the picture? ~And now, two and a half years after that night Zack first came up to him on that street corner, Brian’s skin crawls with all of his self-doubts, short-comings, and secrets.~ Follow-up to 'Hope Is Hard to Come By'--Brian seeks therapy to cope with his past "If you love me, why the hell have you been ignoring me, huh?! One day, Brian joins a group that sends letters to soldiers overseas.

Why have you been coming home late smelling like cheap perfume?!

until he meets the enigmatic and free spirited Zachary, who teaches Brian how live, laugh and love again. Gerard is an aspiring mad scientist and 'town weirdo satanist' who achieves the goal of creating life all Dr. With a house full of misfit monsters and even a cyborg boyfriend, is he ready to raise such nubile and innocent life?

And then we'll showcase their accolades and achievements as well. But they don't know his ear, and how rich his harmonic scope is. Breaking Benjamin, they're such incredible songwriters. And Bullet, we've been through some shit together way back in the day.

A7X’s twin guitar attack functions like dual violins in a chamber orchestra, weaving in and out of leads and rhythms that brings the guitars to the forefront of a band that actually has a vocalist.

And unlike, say, Dream Theater, who frequently send their vocalist on extended back-stage breaks while the rest of the band wanks (again, lovably), Gates somehow gets away with playing leads underneath vocals pretty much track “Trashed and Scattered:” Even if you don’t enjoy Avenged Sevenfold’s music (which I do and you should), you can’t deny Synyster Gates’ talent.

Together with Brent Hinds, Adam D., Jon Donais and Mark Morton, Synyster Gates helped usher back into mainstream metal in the early to mid ’00s, rescuing us all from dunder-headed single-note-riff nu-metal oblivion.

His artful, effortless shred makes Yngwie look like the egotistical (yet lovable) wanker he really is, but more importantly Synyster Gates is a composer and arranger of endless talent.

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