Federal law mandating athletic insurance

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Federal law mandating athletic insurance

According to an investigative report done by the New York Times in 2013, the average cost for an inpatient day in an American hospital is 00.

The most expensive hospitals charge more than ,500 per day.

After that, the insurance should pick up all essential health benefits for the remainder of the year.

Beyond the mandatory coverage laws rolling into effect this season, there are countless reasons that college students should take health insurance seriously.

For one, young people are at least as vulnerable to illness, accidents and the consequences of bad decisions (tobacco, drug and alcohol use, sexually transmitted diseases, unexpected pregnancy) as adults are.

It is important to know that colleges offering self-insured health plans are NOT required to meet the minimum guidelines of the ACA until January 1, 2015, although many have chosen to do so.

If the colleges do contract with an outside insurer to provide coverage to students, they ARE required to meet all minimum qualifications of the ACA before that date.

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If they are not going directly into a job that offers health insurance benefits, or if there is a gap in time before they can become eligible to participate, they have to find an alternative source of coverage.

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