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"Thank you for coming out tonight," Miss Daphne said. " With that two men dressed only in leather shorts sauntered onto the stage.

And each check represents something fun, for me, later. I bit my lip and looked into the eyes of the dominatrix. Then, she produced a thick leather paddle, turned me around, and let loose with hard smacks to my ass; one for each of the marks on my cheek.

We descended the stairs and entered the small club; it was already beginning to fill. I am." She turned to the audience and paced slowly and seductively from one side of the stage to the other.

I took a moment to spy the other people; all of them were dressed like me in casual but nice clothes. I guess I was worried that someone might see me slightly enjoying myself. " Miss Daphne pointed at the remaining man on stage.

I mean, those bastards have girlfriends and wives of their own too." "Yes they do.

A few minutes later the lights dimmed and Miss Daphne was introduced. I couldn't take my eyes from the stage and I was little bit turned on. " "Yes Miss Daphne," The man's voice was strained and his face winced as the pain in his crotch grew.

As soon as our son became a teenager with a little more independence, Craig started acting a fool. "What I do know is that you are here and I am glad that you decided to kick it with me tonight.

I am going to call a cab, we need to get going." "I am not so sure about this show," I said.

I could taste a hint of cabernet but couldn't figure out the other flavors. I walked from the stage and felt every eye on me as I returned to my seat.

"I just wish that Craig would spend one Friday night with me and let the homeboys do their own thing. Bound and gagged, I could only shrug my shoulders at my best friend Theresa as she sat in shock.

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I finished the last of my wine and stood from the plush couch. Besides, your tight ass needs to get out and have a little fun. Mistress Daphne puts on a wild show." The sound of that name, Mistress Daphne, sent my spine tingling and images of all sorts of debauchery through my mind.

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