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If life presented you with such a simple choice, would you rather be trying to make your marriage work with Q’s history or M’s? We cannot assume what choice you would make, but we think our point is pretty clear. Background characteristics such as parental divorce, low education, and economic disadvantage are associated both with having more sexual and cohabiting partners and also with lower marital quality and/or divorce.So it may not be that having more sexual or cohabiting partners causes further risk because a lot of risk was already in motion.Just as with our prior point, that does not sound bad in one way—at least insofar as people are breaking off relationships that had no future. Some people probably so deeply learn that they can survive leaving a relationship when they are unhappy with it that they leave reasonably good marriages that would have given them and their children the best outcomes in life. Obviously, many others leave very poor or even dangerous marriages only after a lot of agonizing and effort. But it’s also true that people tend to get good at things they have a lot of experience doing. We’re not suggesting divorce is ever easy or that it is not sometimes the best course. One of the most important explanations comes under the heading of what some call selection effects.For many people, an elevated risk of difficulties in marriage was present before they had their first relationship experience.

This is especially true for women, since they are more likely to invest a great deal of time in the care of their children. We are suggesting that having a lot of partners—and sharing serious relationship experiences with them like sex and cohabiting—can have the downside of raising awareness of alternatives in a way that makes it harder to foreclose them to make a marriage work. Also, realize that you can learn a lot about another person without going so deep that you lose options for your future. When a person has had many serious relationships prior to marriage, it may increase awareness of how many alternatives actually exist. New partners, more kids: Multiple-partner fertility in the United States. The tempo of sexual activity and later relationship quality. Furthermore, in a world where people can conveniently monitor their ex-partners online, it is easy for an old flame to resurface. One excellent review of the complexity that children from prior relationships represent for the lives of their parents is the following: Guzzo, K. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 654, 66-86.

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Cohabitation has characteristics that seem paradoxical. Living with a partner makes it harder to break up than dating, all other things being equal, and often now comes at a time in relationship development where people have not really chosen each other for the future.

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